Tuesday, 20 January 2015

HTC One M9 leaked in image allegedly depicting a prototype

We can not verify the veracity of these images, above and below, so please treat everything you see and read here accordingly. How that we’ve got that out of the way, the stills you’re seeing are claimed to represent and HTC One M9 prototype, referred to as the Hima. There’s still no way of knowing for sure whether the Hima will be the One M9 or not, but this report claims so.
Accompanying the images is a statement from the author of the report claiming to trust the source of these images; very well, but that doesn’t mean we have to do so too. Looking at the front (above), there’s really nothing exciting going on, and it looks to be a picture of an HTC One M7 or M8 prototype (which could or could not be the case). We’ve got our usual BoomSound speakers, a webcam, sensors, some bezel action, and the HTC logo on the bottom.
Flipping the phone to the back (below), uncovers a square-ish cutout for the main camera (accompanied by a dual flash), but, due to the way the image was framed, there’s no way in telling whether there will be another camera on top of it (DuoCamera), or that’s something belonging to HTC’s past.
That’s all we have for now, aside from excitement, and official invites to a March 1 HTC event happening before MWC in Barcelona. That, and all the rumors and leaks leading up to this point.
What do you think we’re looking at here?
HTC One M9 Leaked
Source: Nowhereelse
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