Friday, 16 January 2015

HTC MWC 2015 event invites go out for March 1

It didn’t happen at CES 2015 — and we refer to the 2015 flagship, but we saw the HTC Desire 826 — but we pretty much expected it not to happen. In 2014, HTC’s flagship, the One M8 was announced on March 25, missing the Mobile World Congress, but rumor has it that a certain “Hima” phone, believed to be the One M9 (or at least the 2015 flagship) should make an appearance at the Barcelona show this year.
…or it might not, and we will see something else, like a new Desire line-up. In any case, HTC MWC 2015 press invites for a special March 1 (4pm CET) event have been sent out, and the emphasize on “utopia in progress”. What does that mean? Your guess is as good as ours, so we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. The invite itself, attached above, isn’t very telling (or is it?). A dotted green pattern and a sky full of stars. Go ahead, speculate at your heart’s content. So far the rumors mentioned the Hima, but a tablet or wearable aren’t to be ruled out either.
We’ll be on the ground in Barcelona for this year’s MWC and we’ll bring you the best from the HTC MWC 2015 event as well, in addition to everything else we can find.
Source: HTC
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