Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cortana announced for the PC as part of Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event is currently on its way, and even though we’re still expecting to hear a lot from its mobile developments, Microsoft has begun with PC announcements. Windows 10 is showcased to be one operating system across all platforms, and the services that we find on these platforms is intended to be shared among form factors. Cortana made some major headlines with its launch on Windows Phone 8, and now it’s time for the PC.
Joe Belfiore has just announced Cortana for the PC, and we get to see how Cortana will integrate as part of your start menu. Belfiore took his time to show us how Cortana can be used to send an email to a colleague, and how Cortana is enhanced to learn more about its user. During the event, Belfiore also showed us how Cortana will be uniquely useful on a PC, like helping you find documents or information on Power Point presentations and other office documents. We even got to see how Cortana is capable of helping users finding photos from a specific date and period as well.

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