Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Samsung’s got a new 5.5-inch Android in the works

With 2014 on its way out, smartphone companies everywhere are getting ready to introduce their 2015 models, and we’re doing our best to anticipate as many of these as we can in advance. Last week we checked out what looked to be the latest sign of Samsung’s work on its flagship Galaxy S6, but there are also plenty of other Galaxy models we’re hoping to see launched in the weeks and months to come, including Galaxy A, E, and J-series devices. Now we’ve got one more to add to that growing list, as we catch wind of Samsung’s model SM-G430.
The first sign of the G430 appeared in those lovely Indian import logs a little earlier this month, where the phone is described as a single-SIM 5.5-inch model. The value Samsung gives in its import paperwork works out to about $500.
Armed with that model number, we can also look at Samsung’s own User Agent Profile collection, where one for model SM-G430 offers a bit more insight into the handset. We see confirmation of a 1080p display, along with an SoC clock speed of 2.5GHz. The Android version is given here as 4.4.4 KitKat, though that can always change before release.
But that’s where the G430’s trail dries up. It certainly sounds like a capable enough model, but we’re unsure where it might fit into Samsung’s greater smartphone lineup. Will it have any stand-out feature that brings it extra attention, something not revealed in the listings we’ve seen so far? And what name might it get for its eventual launch? While we don’t have those answers just yet, the story on the G430 has only just started, and we’re sure explanations will arrive in due time.
Source: ZaubaSamsung (XML)
Via: SamMobile
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