Thursday, 18 December 2014

OnePlus celebrates anniversary with new hardware, contest, open sales

OK, so OnePlus just hit a significant setback with that Indian sales ban for the One. But even with that issue hanging over its head, the company is still finding the time to celebrate. After all, today marks the one year point from the day its website first went live and it sent out the press release that would announce its formation. Sure, it would still be a couple weeks before we learned about the One and its Cyanogen-powered software, but today’s when that dream first really got rolling. To commemorate the occasion, OnePlus has a lot happening today, including the launch of a new accessory and the start of a new contest.
Remember that teaser we looked at yesterday? The one that might just be for a power pack? That guess was right on the money, and today OnePlus reveals the official OnePlus Power Bank, a 10,000mAh portable pack that will sell for the very low price of just $15. Sales begin in early 2015.
And as we’re reflecting on earlier OnePlus stories, you might also recall the company’s initial response to all that India and CyanogenMod business, with OnePlus planning to introduce a new, non-CM ROM for the One in early 2015. OnePlus wants your help naming the release, and it’s starting a contest for just that. The person who creates the winning name will score themselves a OnePlus One, that new Power Bank, and a trip to Hong Kong to meet the team.
Finally, those no-pre-order, full-on-open One sales we saw earlier this month have returned. There’s no confirmed word on when the window will close, but this sure sounds like a one-day affair to us, so act fast if you’re interested.
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