Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nexus 9’s leather covers show signs of life

Last week, HTC got started with making available the Nexus 9 Magic Cover, the foldable, magnetic, cover/stand for the company’s first tablet in a long while. That was cool, but we only saw one color option at first. Then this week got started off with a big push forward for the accessory, as Google began sales on the Play Store, and with all four color options instead of just the one. That was great, but even then we found ourselves interested in finally completing this story: tucked away down in the specifications of that Play Store listing was the note that in addition to those four colors available for the polyurethane version of the Magic Cover, there were also two leather versions on the horizon, one in black and one with a natural finish. Well, where the heck were those? We’ve yet to spot them on the Play Store or on HTC’s own site, but today one pops up over at Best Buy.
The retailer’s website lists only a single color option for the cover in leather – the black version – but we’re hopeful that its appearance here means that the natural version will soon be surfacing, as well. The page isn’t much use right now, indicating that the cover is available neither in stores nor online, but we do manage to pick up a price: just under $50.
Best Buy doesn’t offer an ETA for the cover’s release, but does tease us with an image. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we moved very quickly from that first sign of polyurethane-version sales online to broad availability, and there’s a chance we could see this leather version go up for order with similar haste; we’ll be keeping an eye on the Play Store over the next few days to see if just that comes to pass.
Source: Best Buy
Via: Droid Life
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