Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Motorola is moving back into China with new products

Motorola’s primarily been invested in the American market ever since it was acquired by its former owner Google. For one, it didn’t have the strength it needed to successfully attack ultra-competitive Asian markets, and the company was going through a reboot period anyway. Now, with new owner Lenovo (and all the expertise its employees bring from years of success in the Chinese market), we’re all poised for a Motorola China re-entry soon. And if Motorola’s Chinese site is to be believed, that will happen soon, with the launch of new Asia-focused products.
There’s no word on exactly what these new products would be – Motorola doesn’t exactly expound upon this point in its teaser – but it’s not insane to think that we’ll be seeing new smartphones. In fact, rumor has it that two mystery phones are the devices being referring to, flying under the codenames XT1079 and XT1085. PhoneArena notes that little is known about the pair save for the fact that they feature LTE support.
It’d also make sense to have some sort of Moto E followup for China, or perhaps even a variation on the Moto X or Moto 360. But that’s all anyone’s guess at this point in the game, and we’ll have to simply wait in anticipation of Motorola’s big break into China.
Source: Motorola China (Google Translate)
Via: PhoneArena
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