Thursday, 18 December 2014

Google Maps for Android picks up new settings, auto-correct notices

Didn’t we just see Google release a new version of its Maps app for Android? Sure, and we mentioned that update alongside a slew of other Google apps with new versions on the way as part of an update-Wednesday post a couple weeks back. And even after that, there were those new features for European users. But this is a new week, and a new Maps update is upon us. While there are no huge UI overhauls or anything so severe, you will find a number of new features and settings buried within, some of them looking quite useful.
Don’t like how navigation defaults to that car-GPS-style first-person view? Prefer a bird-eye view, like you’re using a regular map? You could always toggle over to such a display with a tap or two, but now there’s a setting to make that top-down look the default. Or maybe you’ve been having trouble hearing the voice navigation prompts? This week’s update adds new voice volume settings.
While Google would always do some of its magic to correct your awful spelling and try and pull up the search results you were actually hoping to find, it’s now a bit more direct about doing so, popping-up a little message when it automatically spell-corrects. And while Maps has let users calibrate the compasses in their smartphones before, this update seems to place a new priority on calibration, occasionally prompting users to wave their handsets about in an attempt to zero-in on magnetic north.
Look for Google Maps 9.2 to hit your Android device soon, or visit that source link below for an APK for sideloading.
Source: Android Police
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