Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Five-inch OnePlus One “Mini” pics, specs leak

Among the numerous smartphones we’re looking forward to in 2015 is the follow-up effort from OnePlus, which earlier this year introduced its inaugural OnePlus One handset. Rumors have already taken a shot at identifying some of the hardware to expect from this anticipated OnePlus Two, and one idea has been that the new phone could come in a bit smaller than its predecessor, shrinking down the One’s 5.5-inch display. Now a leak attempts to reveal just such a device, though not as the OnePlus Two, but some kind of OnePlus One Mini.
That’s supposed to be it up above (and below), with a five-inch display (playing fast and loose with the word “mini”). For an SoC, we might find an octa-core Snapdragon 615. Then the only other details available are the specs revealed on-screen: the pair of front and back 8MP cameras.
Compared to the full-sized One, there are some design departures here. Especially as we focus on screen size, the big point giving this Mini model a reason to exist, we notice those big bezels, which look a little wider here on all sides than on the original OnePlus One – a development which we worry may undo any gains made by that otherwise-smaller display.
The way this rumor’s being presented, it sounds like this One Mini would somehow coexist alongside a larger OnePlus Two, but it’s not clear how each might be positioned, branding-wise. Pricing for the One Mini is given as what works to about $240.
Source: Gizmochina
Via: phoneArena
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