Sunday, 23 November 2014

HTC One M9 concept shows us that great can get better

We’ve praised HTC for making some of the best smartphone designs ever, not just of this year. HTC’s design legacy goes back to some of the first award-winning Pocket PCs that got this whole smartphone ecosystem started, and the same continues to happen today. If you thought the HTC One M8 was already gorgeous enough, concept designers are always there to prove there’s room to grow.
Graphic designer Jermaine Smit has recently decided to take a stab at what he feels should be the design of the HTC One M9 for 2015, and if you have a close look at all things considered, you’d understand why some of us agree with him. We’re not much about covering concept designs here, but a lot of our biggest quirks with the design of the HTC One M8 get solved here. For instance, one of our biggest complaints is the full inch of separation between the bottom of the phone and the active user interface (above the navigation buttons), which makes typing a tad uncomfortable for people with small hands. The inch of separation houses the Boom Sound speakers and the HTC brand, but Smit’s approach pushes the speakers and logo to the bottom in a very elegant way.
Do you agree with this concept, or would you add other things that you feel HTC should change for the One M9 next year? Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments.
Source: AndroidJS
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