Friday, 24 October 2014

Samsung doc confirms Galaxy A7 hardware details

Where the heck are those new Galaxy A-series phones from Samsung? Following the launch of the Galaxy Alpha we’ve been tracking rumors of a trio of additional models, the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7. Last we heard, an October launch might be in the cards, with the intention of getting sales started sometime next month – but now with just a week to go in October, we’re beginning to wonder if that source was a bit misinformed. As we wait for these metal-rimmed handsets to go official, new details are arriving for one of the models, with the Galaxy A7′s User Agent Profile spilling the beans about its processor and display.
Remember, initially we were told that the A7 would have a 720p screen, but later rumors claimed that it would go 1080p for the phone’s Chinese release. That had us wondering if it would be 1080p across the board, or if different versions of the A7 for different markets might have varying resolutions. This UAProf for the A700FD clearly identifies the phone as packing a 1080p panel.
So is that 1080p situation going to be the case everywhere, or not? Unfortunately we’re still not sure, as we tried replacing that FD suffix in the file’s URL with some other country/carrier suffixes Samsung’s been known to use, and haven’t come up with any additional hits.
Beyond the screen, we also start to zero-in on an SoC, with the UAProf revealing a 64-bit ARM CPU. Just which one in particular isn’t narrowed-down any by this data, but considering we’ve already seenevidence suggesting the Galaxy A5 could get a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, we wonder if the A7 could end up powered by the very same chip.
Source: Samsung (XML)
Via: phoneArena
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