Monday, 20 October 2014

Play Store now lets you search for only highly-rated apps

One of the biggest problems facing the apps situation for many of the big mobile platforms isn’t necessarily a lack of selection, but the tricky business of finding the right app at the time you need it. Unless you know specifically what you’re looking for, or an app is featured in one of the various app store “best of” lists, it can be tricky to discover a single title buried in a sea of hundreds of thousands of similar apps. Luckily, Google’s got a new tool for the Play Store allowing you to search its whole library of titles while also restricting your query to the best of the best.
It’s just a small change, but it’s a key one, letting you perform even a relatively broad search while simultaneously separating the wheat from the chaff: Google’s implemented a search modifier that allows you to specify that only apps which have been rated four stars or higher will be included in search results.
While it might be nice to see Google deliver finer-grained controls – you can’t similarly search apps that are rated three stars or higher, for instance – we can understand Google’s desire to keep things simple. And really, doesn’t it make the most sense to give users the tools they need to find the very best apps, rather than also some more mediocre ones?
For the moment, this new tool only seems to be present on the Play Store’s web version, but this sounds like just the useful kind of feature that we’ll see make the leap to mobile – the only question there may be one of when.
Source: Android Polic
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