Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OnePlus sets the date for next round of One pre-orders

Earlier this week, OnePlus opened a new chapter in the story of its One smartphone, moving beyond an invite-only ordering system to give the public at large a chance to place pre-orders for the hardware. Even taking that big step, the ordering system is still a little unusual, with pre-orders only opening for very limited time periods; Monday’s was only supposed to be open for a single hour, though OnePlus ultimately extended that to three. If that still wasn’t enough time to get your order in, you’ll have another chance soon, as the manufacturer shares the schedule for its next pre-order event.
The next round of OnePlus pre-orders gets underway in just under three weeks, on November 17. Pre-orders will open at 3pm Eastern (15:00 GMT), though OnePlus isn’t yet talking about the length of this new window; we wouldn’t bet on it being any longer than an hour, though the company very well may surprise us with another extended round.
At this pace, we’d expect to see OnePlus continue with new pre-order windows about once a month going forward – though as the company better learns what sort of demand it can hope to see, as well as how accommodating its manufacturing chain is to this ongoing backlog of orders, we may well see it refine this whole process until it lands on a rhythm that best fits its needs. The OnePlus Two is rumored to launch as soon as the second quarter of next year, and its arrival could also cause a shake-up to this whole pre-order process; we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Source: OnePlus
Via: phoneArena
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