Friday, 24 October 2014

Nike CEO hints to Apple partnership for stylish wearables

Apple and Nike have been partners for years, up to the point where Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board. As a result, we’ve seen tons of collaboration between companies through the Nike+ applications and services, and that was also evident in the exclusivity that the Nike Fuel Band saw with iPhones for years. The next chapter for this partnership was made official earlier this year, but since we haven’t seen anything yet, a recent interview provides us with a hint.
Nike CEO Mark Parker was recently interviewed by Bloomberg to discuss the company’s brand and product strategy. We saw how Nike abandoned the FuelBand and how many of the company’s engineers are now employed by Apple. When asked about this, Parker responded that his company is waiting for the market to mature beyond the geeky stage its in. He also mentioned that he’s bullish on Apple and the wearables market, something which hints that there is more for this partnership than what we currently see. He also mentioned how a partnership like this could lead to new, more stylish wearables in the future, though we wonder how that will fit in with the Apple Watch.
Sadly Nike isn’t famous for its speed in evolving, and we see that today as all the Nike+ apps are still not compatible with Apple’s Health services. Let’s see how this partnership handles itself going forward.
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