Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Microsoft introduces Windows 10, for phone, tablet, and desktop use.

A couple weeks back, Microsoft started sending out invitations for a press event rumored to introduce a new Windows Technical Preview and give us a bunch insight into the company’s plans for Windows 9. Sure enough, today Microsoft shared its vision for the future of Windows, but there’s not going to be any Windows 9; instead, we’re skipping that entry entirely and moving full speed ahead to Windows 10, powering everything from phones to TV-sized presentation screens, and set to start arriving mid-to-late next year.
While much of today’s presentation dealt with Windows 10 from a desktop perspective, Microsoft was clear that its future lies in mobile devices and the cloud. More details are due at Build in April, when Microsoft will put a particular focus on universal apps that span form factors and device types.
Microsoft didn’t make a big deal about those recent leaks showing it dropping the “Phone” from Windows Phone, but it was clear that this new Windows 10 name will be the branding for its future smartphones, as well as tablets and PCs proper.
Devs will get their first crack at Windows 10 tomorrow, as that Tech Preview arrives for desktops and laptops
Source: The Verge
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