Friday, 24 October 2014

Android Lollipop for Galaxy S5 gets rumored ETA

Back near the start of the month, before Google launched its latest Nexus models and confirmed the name Lollipop for its Android 5.0 release, we took a look at an early video previewing Samsung’s work towards bringing what was then known only as Android L to its Galaxy S5. It was great to get an advance glimpse of how TouchWiz would make the transition to Android 5.0, but previews are one thing – when can we expect a public release? We don’t yet have a specific date, but new rumors seek to narrow-down the timeframe in which the update might be likely to arrive.
Last month, SamMobile had heard from its Samsung insider sources that work on Android 5.0 updates for both the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 were being prepared with the goal of a release either in November or December. Today’s new rumor doesn’t address the Note 4, but suggests that November is out of the running for the Galaxy S5, and that Samsung is now working to have the phone’s Lollipop update ready for distribution sometime during the month of December.
Considering how rough and buggy that preview from a few weeks back looked, not trying to rush an update out next month sounds like it might be a really smart move, and we can’t imagine many Samsung users will be too upset at a slightly longer wait for Lollipop, so long as the software still hits their phones before the year’s out. But if Samsung intends on keeping us waiting until 2015, well… that could be a different story.
Source: SamMobile
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