Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Most Fragile iPhone ever ?

We get it: with not just one, but two new iPhone models arriving today, emotions are running high. Apple fans have been waiting years for the chance to pick up a larger-screened handset, and between that, the promise of mobile payments, and the whole slew of other features Apple’s delivering, there’s plenty reason to be excited, But we’d like to take this opportunity to suggest that you new iPhone owners remember to keep your enthusiasm in check, lest you end up like the kid in the video below, introducing his brand new iPhone 6 to the pavement.
Australia’s in a prime location for launch-obsessed smartphone fanatics, lying just a couple hours west of the International Date Line – so even on a day when the whole world is getting a new device, Australia’s among the first nations to see it. But as a news crew descended on the crowd queued up outside an Apple Store in Perth, one of the first shoppers to emerge with an iPhone 6 in hand stopped to show it off for the cameras when near-disaster struck.
Struggling with a snug box-top, iOS user Jack Cooksey attempted to unbox his iPhone 6 for the news team, only to send it unceremoniously soaring towards the sidewalk. The reaction from the crowd pretty much matches the pain we felt just watching this clip, and despite Jack’s reassuring claim of “all good,” we can’t help but fear for that handset’s finish.
So take note: appropriate places to unbox your new iPhone 6 include on a table, in your car, and pretty much anywhere that you’re not putting it at immediate risk for falling onto a hard, abrasive surface. As for young Mr. Cooksey, we wish him all the best, and hope there’s a durable iPhone 6 case in his future.
Source: 9 News Perth (YouTube)
Via: Cult of Mac
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