Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Android Silver sounding less and less likely

One of the more controversial rumors to touch upon Google and its hardware efforts arrived back at the start of the year, with claims that the company would scrap the Nexus line as we knew it in favor of something called Android Silver. Over the months that followed, the picture of Android Silver as a line of premium devices with near-stock software emerged, though maybe not with the same budget-friendly prices that Nexus models went for. But then instead of new rumors adding clarity, the situation only got murkier, as new reports suggested that Silver as a project might be losing steam within Google. Now the latest word on Android Silver piles more doubt on it ever seeing the light of day.
Like last time, Silver’s demise is described as tied to Google exec Nikesh Arora’s departure from the company this past July. Arora had previously been cheerleading the project, and without him pushing for it, momentum seems to have dried up.
But more than that, we do get some new, specific news about how Silver’s gone wrong, with claims that talks with potential partner companies amounted to less than a glowing success, all while doubts about Silver from within Google grew.
None of this is to say that Silver will never happen, but this recurring theme of middling interest at best sure doesn’t bode well for its chances.
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