Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Windows Phone next new OEM's in developing markets.

Windows Phone can sure seem like it’s still a Lumia-only show, but that’s a situation that’s very much currently in flux. Here in the US, we’re expecting HTC to unveil a Windows Phone 8.1 version of its flagship One M8 just a little later on this month, but the situation abroad is even more active, with new OEMs joining the cause all the time. We’ve been keeping an eye on what some of those manufacturers have been up to over in Asia, bringing you news of models like what Xolo’s been releasing in India. Today we turn to Vietnam, where Q-Mobile has revealed a spread of five new Windows phone handsets.
We’re looking at four devices in the company’s Storm series, and one Dream model, all ranging in price from what works out to about $95 to $195. On the lower end we have a pair of four-inch WVGA devices, while pricier options include a couple 720p handsets, going all the way up to the six-inch Storm W610. None of them are particularly power-packed (all five appear to be running Snapdragon 200 SoCs, based on the presence of Adreno 302 GPUs), but we’re less concerned with the performance of any individual model, and more interested to just see this many new options arriving for the platform.
Windows Phone is already pretty big in Vietnam, growing from around six percent of the market in 2012, to fifteen percent in 2013, and all the way up to 26 percent earlier this year. The arrival of affordable new options like these Q-Mobile phones should only serve to keep that growth going.
Source: TechRum (Google Translate)
Via: WMPoweruser
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