Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Possible Motorola Nexus 6 benchmarks drive hardware speculation

Late last month, we checked back in with the ongoing saga of what to expect for the next Nexus phone, hearing rumors that Motorola might get the tap and could deliver the biggest Nexus handset to date, a 5.9-inch phablet codenamed Shamu. At least, there were references in Android bug reports mentioning that codename, but not a ton of evidence detailing the hardware itself. Today we may come a little closer to understanding just what this device consists of, with some purported Shamu benchmarks turning up.
But fair warning here: when we say “a little closer,” we mean it, as there’s no clear spec breakdown or anything here. Instead, we’re extrapolating hardware details from performance figures. Just looking at the reported numbers for GFXBench 3.0′s “Manhattan” test, the phone identifying as Shamu pulls down figures roughly equivalent to what we see from phones known to have 1080p displays and Snapdragon 801 processors. So, maybe we’ll see the same thing on Shamu itself?
Honestly, that’s a lot looser than the sort of data we’d like to see, especially as we seek confirmation for so many details about this hardware. At the same time, though, it something, and given the dearth of good information out there, we suppose it’s not the time to be picky. Hopefully, though, we’ll come across something a little more definitive, and soon.
Source: GFXBench
Via: phoneArena
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