Friday, 1 August 2014

Oneplus one to ditch Cyanogenmod ?

OnePlus One could be without CyanogenMod
One of the exciting things about the OnePlus One was that it came rocking the CyanogenMod ROM, the first mainstream smartphone to do so in fact. That made it an instant fan favourite among those who simply must have Android and was one of the reasons why the One became an overnight sensation before even being rolled out.
The OnePlus flagship is now slowly trickling to consumers after one of the toughest launch windows in memory, but reports today suggest its love affair with the CyanogenMod could be over. In a move likely to outright piss off the Android fraternity, OnePlus could be about to ditch CyanogenMod in favour of its own in house OS.
It seems that the company is willing to cut loose CyanogenMod and go for its own cooked up Chinese sourced OS. It will still be Android of course, but it will not be the unhindered goodness of CyanogenMod, so if you are an Android enthusiast you can shed a tear now. While this may be sad news, there are some logical reasons behind OnePlus' move.
Firstly, it is likely the company is paying a license on the CM ROM, and considering the OnePlus One is likely making a loss for the company so any cost saving measures will be considered. The company is also using Cyanogen as a third party so is unable to tinker with it and progress, something that would be important for a brand as fledgling as OnePlus.
So, the One is among the most affordable and well spec'd handsets on the market, but would you still consider it with a Chinese cooked OS instead of CM?
source: Talk Android
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