Tuesday, 12 August 2014

iPhone 6 retail box leaked.

We don’t expect iPhone 6-related rumors, leaks, and reports to slow down; on the contrary, we’re anticipating that more and more will surface until Apple will finally unveil the 2014 smartphone line-up, which everyone takes for granted will contain two iPhone 6 devices with larger screens, at 4.7 and 5.5-inches. We’ve recently seen some Apple logos being leaked, indicating that they most probably will not glow, and now we’re looking at what is claimed to be the iPhone 6 retail box.
While the veracity of the pictures (above and below) can’t be verified, we’re left with what we’re seeing. The stills allegedly originate from an early Apple beta tester, but this information is the only one that’s being made public. Stills of what could, or could not be the retail packaging of the iPhone 6, or a Chinese knock-off. As TechRadar notes in the original report, the Health app appears to be missing from the render on the box, something (we think) Apple would want to push. There’s also a third picture depicting a device. Again, whether this is the real deal or not is unknown, we’ll have to wait until September 9 to find out (the date Apple will reportedly make an announcement).
iPhone 6 retail boxiphone6
Source: TechRadar
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