Tuesday, 12 August 2014

iPhone 6 backplate allegedly leaked in pictures

Just as we suspected, the iPhone 6 rumors continue to surface. After previously seeing purportedpictures of the retail box — which raised a few questions though — we are now seeing, above and below, what is claimed to be a picture of the iPhone 6 backplate.
In the image above we can take a close look at the camera, the flash, as well as the microphone on the back, while the picture below seems to show off the back of the device in its entirety. We can’t verify the veracity of these iPhone 6 backplate pictures, but with all the dents and scuffs, chances are they could be real. Of course, adding to that the fact that they’re in line with what we’ve seen leaked before, adds to the accuracy, but we’ve seen well executed fakes before, so keep your skeptical hat on. There are also no details accompanying the images and we don’t know whether this is the 4.7 or the 5.5-inch device (allegedly), but September 9 will probably clarify things and answer all questions.
iPhone 6 backplate
Source: Twitter (1)(2)
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