Tuesday, 12 August 2014

HTC One Max 2 details emerge, complete with Snapdragon 805 mention

Last year’s HTC One line-up consisted of the One (M7), One Mini, and the One Max. We’re pretty certain that we’re looking at the same trio for 2014 as well, and, with the One (M8) and the One Mini 2 already out, rumors are starting to build up around the One Max successor. Some refer to it as the M8 Prime, but we prefer to go with the HTC One Max 2 tentative denomination.
According to the report, we should be expecting a phone that looks “exactly” like the One M8, which is really no surprise. Said device will allegedly no longer feature a fingerprint scanner, like the One Max did on the back, below the camera. The report also claims that it will be powered by a stronger, faster processor than the Snapdragon 801 inside the M8, namely the Snapdragon 805. Other details, like additional specs (though a 5.9-inch screen is being mentioned by the report), or a launch time-frame are as of this moment not available.
Source: TKTechNews
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