Thursday, 7 August 2014

Google buries prank in latest Android YouTube update

new release of YouTube for Android is out today, and this being a Wednesday, right in the middle of the week when Google likes to release app updates, that on its own isn’t very surprising. The update itself doesn’t contain a ton of new features, mainly just enhancing existing playlist functionality by making it easier to interact with lists, as well as review ones you’ve already created (above). But that’s not all that’s here: expecting that the media would go poking around the APK, looking for signs of any more upcoming changes, this time Google decided to have a little fun, and hid a bit of a practical joke in the code.

Just like they always do, Android Police put the release under the microscope, and it wasn’t long before they spotted a string labeled “music_pass_onboarding_tutorial_uri” and pointing to a YouTube link. That sounds all sorts of intriguing, bringing up old rumors about a YouTube Music Pass premium subscription service. Understandably, Android Police eagerly accessed the URL, expecting to find some unpublished Music Pass intro video. Instead, they got Rickrolled.

Google even reached out to AP editor Artem Russakovskii to acknowledge the gag on his Google+ page, suggesting this all unfolded exactly as the company was expecting. Pretty cheeky, Google.

Source: Android Police

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