Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Possible Xperia Z3 shows up.

Rumors about Sony’s follow-up to the Xperia Z2 sure are moving along swiftly, and in just a few weeks we’ve gone from early talk about possible model numbers to images of actual hardware. Just how could soon could this presumptive Xperia Z3 be ready for release? One carrier leak suggested the possibility of a launch before the end of September, and today we check out some new evidence pointing to the phone arriving sooner rather than later, as the FCC publishes some Sony certification docs.
The paperwork in question references Sony model PM-0800 as well as PM-0801, otherwise known as D6603 and D6616, respectively. Previous regulatory filings have connected both those numbers to others like D6643 and D6653, all supposed to represent regional and carrier variants of the same base D66xx hardware; you may recognize D6653 from some of the earliest Z3 leaks.
With progress like this being made, those suggestions of a possible IFA launch are sounding more and more plausible. Sure, that would place the Z2 at a bit of a disadvantage, having itself just launched barely six months prior at MWC in February, but our initial objections of the “this all seems to be happening quite fast” variety are difficult to keep up when being faced with this growing pile of Z3 evidence. It’s still possible that we’re talking about some new Sony hardware that’s something other than the Z3, but it’s been difficult to come across anything that specifically disproves the theory.
Source: FCC
Via: Xperia Blog
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