Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oppo joins OEM's to sponsor XDA dev con 2014.

The companies behind smartphones aren’t alwayson the best terms with devs. Sure, they want to see new apps come out that help really show off their hardware and software, but some can also be a little resistant to devs interested in more elaborate hacks, like the kind we see from the custom ROM community. That’s why it’s reassuring when OEMs make a point to publicly support developer efforts, and that’s what we’re seeing from Oppo tonight, as the company announces its involvement as an Elite Sponsor for this year’s XDA:DevCon gathering.
Oppo joins manufacturers like Sony and OnePlus in sponsoring the conference, as well as component makers like MediaTek. The event is set to take place in late September in Manchester, England, and seeks to encourage the same sort of dev engagement that occurs online in the always busy XDA forums.
In its announcement of its DevCon sponsorship, Oppo reflects on the results it’s already seen from its work with the dev community and says that it’s “considering further engagement with the developers as a way to bring an enhanced user experience through our devices.”
XDA:DevCon 2014 kicks off Friday, September 26; tickets are still available.
Source: Oppo
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