Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nokia here maps update.

Nokia HERE services gained a lot of fame on Windows Phone when they were launched a couple of years ago, and this only grew as iOS and Androidversions of the services were also launched. One of the coolest features that the Nokia HERE maps services offered is the option to use LiveSight, which is the option to simply point your camera at the road and learn what places are in front of you. Nokia has now decided to enhance this experience even further by expanding the reach of this feature to others.
Nokia has just announced an update to its HERE software development kit for Android, and among the changes, one of the coolest ones is that it now allows developers to use these LiveSight augmented reality features on third party applications. In a way, this is a smart move for Nokia, as it’ll drive interest in having developers use HERE services instead of Google Maps. The needs that developers could solve for customers is pretty interesting as Nokia describes in its release:
“How about a “beer-finder” app (for those emergency moments) that would lead you by the nose to the nearest watering hole? Or a virtual guide for a museum that would explain the sculptures around a garden when you hold up your phone? Or even a more business oriented app for electrical engineers that would show a street’s wiring? The possibilities are only limited by time and the developer’s imagination.”
It’ll definitely take some time for developers to both consider and actually build applications that make use of this feature, but that “beer finder” app does sound like a great idea.
Source: HERE
Via: Android Central
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