Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Sony Xperia Z3 spec leaks.

Sony’s Xperia Z3 is still very much an enigma; looking at the hardware specs that have leaked, it’s difficult to appreciate how Sony intends to make the handset a meaningful improvement over the Xperia Z2. Maybe the most obvious changes have emerged in some of the leaked pics we’ve seen, and even then they’ve seen minor: stuff like how the Z3′s edges appear to be much more rounded and lacking the Z2′s metal accents. Today we get a closer look at that hardware, with the arrival of a couple new supposed Xperia Z3 shots.
The edge shot here appears to be a perfect matchfor last week’s leak, though now in a higher resolution and just a bit easier to make out all the detail. There’s also a new pic of the phone’s backside, and while this one doesn’t offer so much to see, perhaps it’s notable for what’s not there. Namely: all the prototype labels and warningspresent in the Z3 leak from a couple weeks back.
While that could just suggest an alternate source behind this new imagery, it may also speak to the Z3 moving closer to its release, when commercial-ready handsets start becoming more widely available (at least within the walls of Sony). We haven’t heard a lot about a possible release window for the phone, but the best source we have so farindicated that the smartphone could become available before the end of summer.
z3-ev-2Source: @evleaks
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