Wednesday, 30 July 2014

HTC to have an event in Aug ?

The next couple months are shaping up to be chock-full of smartphone announcements. IFA in early September is bound to bring us a ton of new devices, and shortly after that we’re expecting news of the iPhone 6. We’ve even been picking up on word of a few possible launches for August, and an invite just landed for what may be a notable one, as HTC prepares for an August 19 event.
But what could the company have to share? A few subjects come to mind, like that One M8 for Windows (or W8, if you will) and the recent rumors that the phone could launch sometime this quarter. Sure, there’s been little hard evidence for the phone’s existence, but it’s a possibility worth considering.
Or maybe HTC will bring news of new availability for an already announced device – something likethe plastic One E8, perhaps.
Then there’s the chance this isn’t about a phone at all. That talk about an HTC tablet keeps popping back up, and what about the company’s smartwatch plans? It may have issued that denialabout accidentally outing its wearable in a promo video, but that doesn’t mean that a smartwatch isn’t under development.
What are you hoping HTC has ready to announce?
Source: HTC
Via: WPCentral
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