Monday, 21 July 2014

How many tablets will HTC make ?

Is HTC really making the next Nexus tablet? As rumors go, this one has been incredibly persistent (especially in the absence of hard evidence), but sources continue to point towards plans for the release of an 8.9-inch HTC model. As we patiently wait to see if there’s any truth to that idea, word has come in that this Nexus 9 may not be alone, andHTC’s return to the world of tablets could see the manufacturer deliver another couple models in addition to the Nexus.
According to @evleaks, HTC has been working on tablets with designations T7 and T12, beyond the T1 Nexus tablet. That certainly suggests HTC’s committed to the idea of returning to tablets (rather than a one-off “we’ll see how it goes” Nexus effort), but doesn’t offer us a ton of insight into exactly where it might be going with these devices. Could the numbers suggest seven-inch and twelve-inch screen sizes? Possibly, but even that seems far from a certainty, and we may be a little too eager to find meaning in those codenames, just by nature of how little we truly know about these devices.
If anything, maybe this rumor speaks to HTC’s confidence. Tablet sales can be hard to lead consumers to, especially in the absence of a big hook. A Nexus tablet delivers a big enough hook, sure, but what of these other two models? Will HTC just try to have them ride those Nexus coattails? Will it use Boomsound to position them as the best-sounding tablets on the market? There are a number of ways HTC could go with this, and we’re curious to learn just where it ends up.
Source: @evleaks
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